Quail Eggs Can & Will Improve Your Health

quail eggsBelow are the benefits of quail eggs:

  1. Quail eggs clean blood from toxins & heavy metals enhance the hemoglobin- can cure anaemia, are a strong immunity booster.
  2. Quail eggs have strong anticancer properties: help by inhibiting the cancer growth; are natural alternative remedies that help in cancer treatments.
  3. Quails eggs help the body eliminate stones from the gall bladder, are the alternative remedies for liver problems, also natural remedy for the health problems of the kidneys.
  4. They strengthen the muscles of the heart & help the recuperating process after a stroke, being a natural alternative to conventional treatment weak heart condition.
  5. Quail eggs strengthen the nervous system, improve memory; is a brain activity booster. Promote good brain activity as an alternative natural supplement to normal diet.
  6. Their consumption improves general immunity of human body & slows down the aging process.
  7. They enhance the quality of the hair & skin- that is why components of quail eggs are used in skin & hair cars masks & treatment.
  8. Quail eggs are powerful stimulant acting as a sexual potency booster. The prostrate gland is nourished with phosphorus. Proteins & vitamins & restore sexual potency in men.
  9. They are remedies against disorders of the digestive tract; they help against gastritis, stomach ulcer & duodenal ulcers.
  10. Quail eggs help in treatment of tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, vegetative vascular dystonia, diabetes.
  11. Quail eggs enhance bone density & help curing osteoporosis & even prevent their consumption on a regular basis.
  12. They help against allergies: the ovomucoid protein from the quail eggs is also used in the production of some anti-allergic drugs.