Almani Quail Farm (AQF) is a Karachi-Pakistan based Quail Farm. AQF provide Live Quails (Batair), Meat, Eggs & Chicks & deals in Quail Farming.

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Quail Farming

Almani Quail Farm is willing to build a strong, competitive, consumer-centred Pakistan Quail industry that meets the challenges of a changing world.

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Products and Services

Almani Quail Farm deals in Quail Meat, Quail Eggs, Quail Chicks, Incubators, Brooders, Layer Cages, Broiler Cages and some other products and services.

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quail bird

Requirement for Quail Bird Farming

The following are the requirement for quail bird farming: Capital This is the basic requirement for all businesses and Quail farming business is not left out as well. You don’t need a big capital to start this business, in fact, you can start with as low as 30,000 and expand as you go. Don’t or

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Quail Farming in Pakistan

Quail Farming History in Pakistan

In Pakistan quail farming was started in early 1970, with the introduction of exotic breeding stock of Japanese quails. However, quail production has remained as one of the neglected components of poultry sector in the country. Very little research work has been conducted on its breeding, incubation, housing, nutritional requirements, feeding, management and disease control aspects

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